Since successfully completing the first phase of development by demonstrating Iron Fuel Technology in a real-world industrial environment last May, we’ve been working hard to get to the next significant milestone. Last summer we’ve been working tirelessly, and the building of our second-generation Iron Fuel Production System at the Energy Demo Field has been on full speed.  

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far. “The system is a copy of the commercial systems, which keeps us at the forefront of developing Iron Fuel Technology,” says Mark Verhagen, CEO of RIFT. Being successful will bring us one step closer to addressing key challenges for the energy-intensive industries in decarbonizing their practices.” 
We recognize the significant role that our team, as well as suppliers, investors, partners, and other collaborators have played in making our vision a reality. They have been instrumental in advancing this project to this stage, and it is their commitment that will keep driving us toward a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow. Together, we will ignite the clean fuel revolution. 

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