Equality, diversity & inclusion


Empowering diversity, sparking change. 

At RIFT, we recognize that our collective strength lies in the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of each team member. As we navigate the path towards decarbonizing industrial heat and making a significant impact on the world, we understand that diversity, inclusion, and equality are not just ideals to strive for but integral components of our success.

Rooted in our core values of simplicity, ownership, appeal, curiosity, and action, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is key to unlocking innovation and driving positive change. Every team member, regardless of their background, plays a crucial role in our mission to ignite the clean fuel revolution and achieve our goal of reducing 1 Gigaton of CO2 emission per year by 2050.

“We aim for equality, inclusion and diversity at RIFT to be a reality, not just on paper, but in every action we take”
Management Team RIFT

Gender equality

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where gender diversity is embraced as a strength, providing all team members, irrespective of gender, with equal opportunities and respect. We acknowledge that the journey towards gender equality requires ongoing efforts from everyone within our organization.

The quality of our work and the contributions of our team members form the basis of our success. Our focus is not solely on increasing the number of women but on ensuring that talent, regardless of background, is recognized and nurtured.

Cross-generational equality

As we experience robust growth, we embrace the diversity that arises from generational differences in the workplace. RIFT is committed to breaking down generational barriers, fostering an inclusive culture that values the unique expectations and contributions of both seasoned professionals and emerging talents.


“The use of inclusive language within our organization is a small yet signifcant step in promoting equality. We will be mindful of our words, ensuring that no one feels excluded” 

Equality in action

  • We are committed to preventing and addressing behavior that goes against our values of respect and equality. Every incident is seen as an opportunity to learn and strengthen our organizational culture
  • To solidify our commitment, we prioritize transparency. We openly share data on recruitments, salary structures, and promotions, ensuring that our team understands that opportunities and rewards are based on merit, qualities, and contributions.
  • ZOur journey involves concrete action plans, strategically aligned with our company culture. This isn’t merely a set of aspirations; it’s a commitment to making equality a lived reality at RIFT.
  • Our leadership is motivated to lead the way in embodying values and behaviors around equality, inclusion, and diversity. They will actively participate in all future discussions on this matter.