We are delighted to unveil the latest episode of Rooted in Change where our CEO Mark was invited to share insights into the groundbreaking Iron Fuel Technology. Hosted by Jan Christoph Bohnerth, Rooted in Change is a platform dedicated to exploring bold ideas and radical action for tackling climate change. Featuring European cleantech protagonists, the podcast delves into innovative solutions aimed at reducing humanity’s impact on the planet.

In the episode, titled What if we could use iron as a fuel? Mark takes center stage to discuss our Iron Fuel Technology. He shares insights into the inspiration behind the technology, and its wide-ranging applications across various industries.

During the conversation, Mark draws parallels between football and running a startup, and outlines RIFT’s vision for transforming industries with the Iron Fuel Technology. Want to gain more insights into our journey towards delivering meaningful global impact? 

🎧 Listen to the full episode now on Spotify!