Igniting the clean fuel revolution.

Transforming energy-intensive industries into users of clean and circular energy.

More than 40% of global CO2 emissions originate from energy-intensive industries. Businesses in district heating, process industry and electricity generation are experiencing increasing pressure to become net-zero, but cannot do so. Simply, because there is no suitable cleantech available.

Iron Fuel Technology:
the cleantech for energy-intensive industries.

RIFT enables businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions by delivering the Iron Fuel Technology™. We develop a new class of cost-effective energy systems that enable reliable and fully renewable heat supply year-round.








Applicable in
multiple markets.

The Iron Fuel Technology™ is a new clean technology for supplying heat to districts, industrial processes and electricity plants. In this way, it enables the energy transition in energy-intensive industries.

District heating

Generation of hot water for space heating in residential and industrial areas.

Industrial processes

Production of heat used as a utility in for example the food & beverage, pulp & paper, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Electricity generation

Peak-load electricity generation to provide grid stability regarding intermittent supply of renewable electricity.


Renewable Iron Fuel Technology

RIFT is a team of iron fuel professionals. Together with senior experts in the industry, we bring the potential of the Iron Fuel Technology™ to the market. RIFT is the first and only enterprise that is 100% committed to develop this innovation towards commercialization. Consequently, we will deliver iron fuel production and boiler systems to our customers.

Join our mission.

To realize our ambition, we collaborate with established companies. Together we transform industries into users of clean and circular energy.  Join us and become the spark that will ignite the clean fuel revolution.

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