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Join RIFT in our mission to decarbonize energy-intensive industries with Iron Fuel Technology. Our innovative approach to sustainable heat production sets us apart. Be part of our dynamic and growing team, contributing to 1 Gigaton CO2 savings annually by 2050.

Whether you’re technical, creative, or in between, your role matters in shaping the world of tomorrow. Explore open roles and learn about our culture with testimonials from current employees.

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Open Roles

Technical Project Manager

• 5-10+ years
• Eindhoven

Lead Process Engineer

• 5+ years
• Eindhoven


• 5+ years
• Eindhoven

Lead Process Operator

• 3+ years
• Helmond

Project Developer

• 5+ years
• Eindhoven

Control Room Operator

• 5+ years
• Arnhem

Life at RIFT

Discover the firsthand experiences of those shaping the future at RIFT. Our team members share insights into life at RIFT, highlighting the impact of their roles, the vibrant work culture, and the sense of purpose driving our collective mission. Get a glimpse into what makes RIFT an inspiring place to work from those who are already making a difference.

I find it exciting to be part of a startup in the energy industry. The team is dynamic and enthusiastic, making me believe that through innovative companies like RIFT, the world is heading towards a more bright future.

Guillaime Sopar

Coordinator Operations

At RIFT, my role blends my love for tech innovation with a commitment to energy transition. I actively engage in discussions on industry sustainability and climate policy, crucial topics for me. Collaborating with talented peers is exciting, and it’s fulfilling to see our collective impact.

Appel van Randen

Business Developer

With a motivated team and a positive working atmosphere, we collaborate to make the world more beautiful. Additionally, working on cutting-edge technology used in limited places worldwide promises to make me an expert in the field swiftly.

Koen van Duijnhoven

CFD Engineer

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Ready to be a driving force in the future of sustainable energy? Join us at RIFT, where your contributions will have a lasting impact, and experience the dynamic environment that shapes a world powered by innovation.