Do you share our ambition to deliver an energy profile that is reliable, flexible and offers operational reliability, all while being at the forefront of the energy transition? 

The Challenge

Clean energy technologies

The current methods and alternatives are insufficient or not effective enough in order to reach the company targets. After all, the competitive position of your company is paramount. Iron Fuel Technology has the necessary properties to make this happen.

CO2 Free






Industry ready

Iron Fuel Technology

Unique characteristics

As iron fuel allows energy storage in a compact, safe and lossless manner, it enables energy trading. By using iron fuel, we can overcome the mismatch between supply and demand of renewable electricity and hydrogen. Not only the mismatch in time, but also in location. Because iron fuel can be shipped over long ranges and long periods of time, it can be used as an energy commodity for importing or exporting energy, on both local and global scales. Iron and iron oxide are already traded as bulk commodities by a vast amount of traders globally. As a result, services for iron ore purchase and sale as well as all related services including logistics, risk management and financing are already in place.


Meet the pioneers that went before

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What we do


We will deliver iron fuel production and boiler systems enabling you to produce iron fuel and create CO2 free steam or electricity.




We execute business case analyses for potential users of iron fuel production and combustion systems.


We facilitate supply contracts to guarantee supply of iron fuel, iron oxide and hydrogen to our customers.

What's in it for you

The ability to mitigate CO2 and NOx emissions

A feasible
business case for your
application, through co-creation

A positive societal
impact, paired with a green and innovative image

A strong global competitive position

The ability to create concrete examples and reference projects to show your companies progress towards sustainability

Gaining O&M knowledge and expertise on a state of the art clean tech allowing you to meet your reliability, flexibility and operational reliability standards

What are we looking for

RIFT is determined to challenge the energy transition and in order to do so, we require customers that are looking to implement a clean tech to allow them to meet their sustainability targets while remaining operationally and economically reliable. That is what we do, that is what we deliver.

Do you believe your company is ready to take on the challange?

Contact our leading expert to find out what RIFT can do for you.

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Mark Verhagen

Mark Verhagen


We do it together

The challenge we face by transforming the industries into users of clean and circular energy cannot be achieved by RIFT alone. Our outstanding partners help us to advance the transition towards clean energy using the Iron Fuel Technology.

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