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Renewable Iron Fuel Technology

We are RIFT. We are on a mission towards a sustainable future that is powered by clean and renewable energy. The use of renewable energy is accelerating, and the world continues to grow in its energy needs. We rethink traditional practices of fossil fuels and develop a suitable, clean alternative. Not just because we want to, but because our world needs it.

We are developers, engineers, scientists, learners, enablers, believers, dreamers, doers, and disruptors. We aim to reduce the global carbon footprint by revolutionizing energy-intensive industries with the Iron Fuel Technology™.

Learn about our journey so far.

The idea of the Iron Fuel Technology™ was first raised in a European Space Agency project. Why not use iron as a clean fuel? This question was the seed of the iron fuel innovation.

While the first academia published about the idea, three students and professor Philip de Goey of TU/e materialized the concept. After trying, testing and failing, they succeeded. The created a flame, as small as a candle light, that stole the hearts of many energy tech enthusiasts. Shortly after, student team SOLID was founded who realized the first lab-scale and industrial proofs of principle. Late 2020, three ex-members of SOLID founded RIFT, dedicating themselves to commercial roll-out.



Management team


Years of experience

The RIFT team.

We aim to bring a technology-driven innovation to the market. Therefore, the knowledge of our team is one of our main assets. RIFT is a dedicated team with both seasoned professionals and young, talented and skilled innovators. 

Located in the center of high-tech development.

We are located at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology – at the heart of the Brainport region of the Netherlands. For development, testing and assembly of our products we collaborate with highly specialized partners from the industry. Other partners provide valuable expertise in legal, financing, IP and organisational advice to support our company.

Invest in the future of energy.

Do you want to contribute to a renewable energy revolution? Join us in our mission towards a sustainable future.