change together.

At RIFT, our mission is more than a statement; it’s a hands-on experience at the core of innovation and sustainability. It surpasses simple change – it’s a collective journey within our dynamic network, an exploration into cutting-edge technology, collaborative growth, and a shared commitment to decarbonize industrial heat.

We celebrate our vibrant alliance of strategic partners, investors, knowledge institutions, customers, and suppliers. This network, where passion meets purpose, is the cornerstone of our growth. It provides essential resources, supports cost-cutting initiatives, and facilitates our market entry.

Join us in driving innovation and sustainability, turning every collaboration into a catalyst for positive change. Be part of the RIFT network—an experience that fuels tomorrow, today.

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Our strategic partners

Why partner with RIFT

• Shared vision for success

By joining our network, you align with like-minded entities, fostering an environment where common goals lead to mutual success. Your contribution becomes an integral part of a collaborative journey towards shared objectives.

• Strategic commitment

Benefit from a strategic partnership with RIFT, where your investment, both financial and in resources, is valued. Our commitment provides a stable foundation for growth, emphasizing a risk-shared approach that ensures long-term success in our innovative approach to sustainable heat production.

• Integrated collaboration

Be part of RIFT’s dynamic and growing ecosystem, experiencing partnerships beyond transactions.Our approach includes opportunities for co-creation, co-operation, and co-marketing, ensuring an integrated collaboration that contributes to sustainable success.

Our investors & financiers