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🌱 Podcast Alert: “Rooted in Change” Explores Iron Fuel Technology with CEO Mark

We are delighted to unveil the latest episode of Rooted in Change where our CEO Mark was invited to share insights into the groundbreaking Iron Fuel Technology. Hosted by Jan Christoph Bohnerth, Rooted in Change is a platform dedicated to exploring bold ideas and...

Exciting progress update

Over the past summer, our team has been working relentlessly, and building our second-generation Production System has been at full speed. We can’t wait to share what’s next, as we continue to move towards addressing the real-world challenges of energy-intensive industries with decarbonization.

RIFT writes history

Successfully completing RIFT’s first development phase is a major milestone, and an important step towards reaching the climate goals and our own goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1 Gigaton a year by 2050.