Smart Energy Systems


Project overview

The Smart Energy Systems (SES) Feasibility Study for Iron Fuel Technology™ in Rotterdam spans from July 7, 2022, to June 30, 2024. The end goal is to produce concrete commercial pilot project plans for at least 20 MW capacity, enabling investment decisions for commercial implementation between 2024 and 2026. This project, led by the Iron Fuel Technology™ Consortium and supported by subsidy, aims to accelerate commercial implementation through detailed planning, collaboration, and feasibility assessments.

Key activities

Within this project, several key activities will be undertaken:

• Identify potential end-users in Rotterdam.
• Determine conditions for end-user interest.
• Conduct Quick Scan assessments.
• Sign LOIs with interested parties.
• Develop comprehensive project plans.
• Engage stakeholders for input and support.
• Create scalable rollout strategy.
• Provide strategic guidance for regional investments.

Expected outcomes

•  List of potential end-users suitable for Iron Fuel Technology™ in Rotterdam, including capacity, operating hours, hydrogen compatibility, electrification potential, current fuel usage, and nitrogen emission capacity.
• Compilation of interested end-users along with conditions for their interest.
• Quick Scan report detailing implementation outcomes for interested end-users.
• Signing of five LOIs for commercial pilot projects with end-users
• Project plan for commercial implementation tailored to specific end-users, facilitating investment decisions.

  • Project progress 85% 85%