Living Lab Iron Fuel Technology


The goal of the Living Lab Iron Fuel Technology is to demonstrate the Iron Fuel Technology in a realistic and industrial environment (TRL8). This means that we can generate, store, convert, and exchange sustainable energy while meeting technical, economic, and environmental requirements. Additionally, we also need to comply with laws and regulations, ensure reliable supply, obtain certification, secure financing and insurance, and gain public support. 

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are creating a living lab where various project partners join forces. Together, we work on further developing and implementing this technology on a large scale. The Living Lab connects the entire value chain, enabling us to increase the impact of the technology and accelerate its commercial rollout. 

Upon successful completion of this project, Iron Fuel Technology will meet the commercial requirements of interested end-users and financiers. This means that the letters of intent will be converted into commercial projects, ranging from 5MW to 20MW. This allows us to continue advancing the technology. By further scaling up, energy-intensive industries without access to other sustainable alternatives can reduce their carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions and enhance their sustainability to achieve climate goals. 


Expected outcomes

• We will design and construct a demonstration system that meets the requirements of users and the entire value chain. The system will include a 1MW iron fuel boiler and a 200kW iron fuel production system.

• We will establish a community where we develop the necessary skills for the commercial application of Iron Fuel Technology. We will also share all knowledge and results with all involved and interested parties.

• We will demonstrate the technology, including safe storage and efficient and environmentally friendly transportation. This will be validated by users, insurance companies, certification bodies, and financiers.

• We will enhance public support for Iron Fuel Technology, aiming to establish a foundation for its commercial implementation in the market.

Project financiers