Igniting the clean fuel revolution.


Transforming industries into users of clean and circular energy.

Iron Fuel Technology

At RIFT, we are at the forefront of a revolution – the clean fuel revolution. Our commitment is to transform industrial heat, reducing carbon footprints and advancing sustainability in heat-intensive industries.

The Challenge

At RIFT, we confront a critical challenge: industrial heat generation contributes to a significant 20% of global greenhouse emissions. Current decarbonization methods, like electrification and hydrogen burning, fall short for a great number of industries due to grid limitations. Explore Iron Fuel Technology™, our revolutionary solution delivering CO₂-free energy with versatile applications. Join us in reshaping clean energy and actively reducing the global carbon footprint.

We are on a mission

Our mission is clear: decarbonize industrial heat and make a substantial impact by reducing 1 gigaton of CO₂ annually from 2050 onwards. More than a company, RIFT is an ongoing journey where every team member is dedicated to making an impact through our innovative Iron Fuel Technology™.

Decarbonizing Heat Generation

In essence, Iron Fuel Technology™ leverages iron powder, delivering reliable and fully renewable heat supply year-round. The circular process of rusting and unrusting iron enables the sustainable energy production, marking a significant stride towards a cleaner, greener future. 

Iron Fuel Technology™ finds its applications across various markets, contributing to the transition in heat-intensive industries. This versatile solution offers sustainable alternatives, playing a vital role in creating a more environmentally friendly landscape.

District Heating

Iron Fuel Technology™ brings sustainable solutions to hot water generation for space heating in residential and industrial areas, providing reliable alternatives for your district heating needs.

Industrial Processes

Unlock the potential of Iron Fuel Technology™ in industries like food & beverage, pulp & paper, chemical, and petrochemical. We share an innovative approach to heat production, offering a promising avenue to reduce carbon footprints in your operations.

Electricity Generation

Consider Iron Fuel Technology™ for peak-load electricity generation, contributing to grid stability amidst intermittent renewable electricity supply. Our ongoing development focuses on offering a resilient and sustainable energy grid for your power needs.

Powering change together

We believe in the power of collective action to drive change. Together with our team and partners, we’re shaping a sustainable future every day. Recognizing that we cannot do this alone, we invite visionaries, believers, trailblazers, action-takers, and curious minds to join our journey. A journey where every contribution makes a lasting and positive impact.