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The RIFT Story Unveiled

Pioneers on a mission

We are not just a company; we’re pioneers on a mission, fueled by the vision of a sustainable future through clean, renewable energy. Our commitment shines through every step as we challenge traditional fossil fuel practices, actively forging a cleaner alternative. Our mission is simple yet impactful: decarbonize industrial heat, reducing 1 Gigaton of CO₂ annually from 2050 onwards. 

More than a company, RIFT is an ongoing journey where every team member is dedicated to making an impact through our innovative Iron Fuel Technology™. Join us in this exciting journey towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow!

From spark to flame

The iron fuel journey so far

The Spark

In the corridors of a European Space Agency project, a revolutionary idea sparked: why not use iron as clean fuel? Prof. Philip de Goey, present at the ESA, brought this spark back to Eindhoven University of Technology. Collaborating with three students, they birthed a small, candlelight-like iron flame that would soon captivate the world.


The Glow

From the flicker of the initial flame, the idea expanded. What started with three students evolved into SOLID, a student team that presented the first lab-scale proof of concept. Collaborating with Eindhoven University of Technology and the Metal Power Consortium, they achieved a real-world breakthrough at Swinkels Bavaria Brewery where the first-ever beer was brewed using iron fuel.  

The Flame

This success paved the way for RIFT, founded in October 2020 by three ex-members of the student team. Dedicating themselves to the commercial rollout, RIFT has since become a world leader in Iron Fuel Technology™. A notable achievement is the operational 1 MW boiler system in Helmond, supplying hot water to 500 households.


What fuels us?

Embedded in the core of RIFT are our igniters, the driving forces that steer our journey, shaping our decisions, actions, and interactions. These igniters not only fuel our commitment to revolutionizing heat-intensive industries but also define the dynamic culture that propels us towards a sustainable future.

Guided by our values, we cultivate an environment where each team member’s unique spark contributes to the collective flame of progress. Beyond developers and engineers, we embody the roles of learners, enablers, believers, and disruptors. From dreamers to doers, we rely on one another while confronting the inevitable challenges, and celebrate our triumphs together.  


Our solutions not only meet but exceed expectations. We strive for innovation and excellence, ensuring our offerings are not just effective but also captivating and appealing.


We are proactive and results-driven, committed to making a tangible impact on the global carbon footprint. Our commitment to decarbonizing 1 Gigaton of CO2 annually by 2050 reflects our dedication to real-world change.


Fueled by curiosity, we embrace continuous learning and innovation. We question the status quo and seek novel solutions, staying at the forefront of a dynamic landscape.


Every team member at RIFT takes ownership of our mission. We believe in accountability at every level, fostering a sense of responsibility that drives us forward.


In the complex realm of energy solutions, we value simplicity. Our solutions address challenges in accessible and effective ways, embodying clarity and efficiency.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

Explore RIFT’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, a journey where every unique perspective sparks positive change.

Our commitments

At RIFT, our commitment to a clean, sustainable future is evident. However, our dedication goes beyond making an environmental impact; we strive to make a positive impact on each other, the communities we engage with, and the companies we work alongside. We celebrate the strength in our differences, embracing individual uniqueness while sharing a core value—treating everyone with respect and equality. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting our broader dedication to fostering a world where diversity and inclusion thrive