The Iron Fuel Advantage

Sustainable heat solutions for industries

In a world grappling with the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, industrial heat generation stands responsible for a staggering 20% of global emissions. Current alternatives for decarbonization – electrification and burning hydrogen – fall short for 80% of industries due to grid limitations. 

At RIFT, our mission is clear: decarbonize industrial heat and substantially reduce the global carbon footprint. Enter Iron Fuel Technology™, our game-changing clean energy solution that revolutionizes industrial heat production. By utilizing iron in powder form, our technology delivers CO₂-free energy, offering versatile applications for different scales and needs. The circular process of rusting and unrusting iron enables sustainable energy production, ushering in a cleaner era for heat-intensive sectors.

Key benefits

CO₂ free

The combustion of iron fuel releases significant energy without producing direct CO₂ emissions.


Iron Fuel Technology™ operates in a circular manner, allowing it to be reused multiple times.


Iron fuel boasts a high energy density, ensuring efficient energy storage and transport.

ultralow nox

The combustion process incurs ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.


Iron Fuel Technology™ offers cost-effective energy, rivaling or surpassing other clean technologies.


Iron fuel is safe, posing no danger or harm, making it inexpensive to store and transport

Working principle

Iron Fuel Technology™ operates like a rechargeable battery for heat generation. Visualize iron powder as a unique energy carrier, akin to a charged battery. Through controlled combustion, this iron fuel transforms into high-temperature energy, serving diverse needs across industries.  

In the combustion phase, iron fuel efficiently burns in a specialized boiler, producing hot water, steam, or hot air. Remarkably, this process avoids direct CO₂ emissions and maintains ultra-low NOx emissions. 

Post-combustion, the production process converts rust (iron oxide) back into iron fuel using a hydrogen source. This flexibility completes the sustainable cycle, offering continuous and environmentally friendly energy solutions. 

Flexible energy logistics

versatile integration

Iron Fuel Technology™ seamlessly integrates one production system with multiple boiler systems, offering scalability and operational flexibility.

dynamic solutions

Enabling efficient storage and transport, Iron Fuel Technology™ adapts to regional, continental, and intercontinental distances, addressing diverse energy needs globally.

global energy trade

With its unique capabilities in storage and transport, Iron Fuel Technology™ emerges as a catalyst for global clean energy trade.


In our commitment to revolutionizing heat solutions, RIFT has undertaken various projects with strategic partners. Each project reflects our dedication to providing sustainable, efficient, and innovative energy solutions. Explore the impact and development of Iron Fuel Technology™ in the following initiatives:


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